Общая площадь


Авторский коллектив

Капитуров Н.А.

I have the pleasure of bringing to your notice the multi-purpose system for toilets which brings together into a single whole toilet bowl section and washbasin section above it. Washbasin section is equipped with a built-in flush cistern which allows to automatically flush toilet after closing toilet bowl section. Flush cistern is normally refilled with filtered waste water coming out of washbasin. Should the need arise to flush more than once or flush when toilet bowl section is open the designer has fitted a flushing key on the lateral side of washbasin. In case of insufficient quantity of water in flush cistern the device starts additional water intake from water supply system.

The ingenuity of the faucet lies in its unique control system. Using this system makes it possible to turn the water on when one’s hands are dirty (for example greasy fingers). For this purpose the designer fitted the faucet with cylindrical revolving switch which can be operated by the rib (side) of a palm. By shifting the switch sideways you can adjust water pressure while rolling the switch enables you to set water temperature. 

The main advantage of this multi-purpose system is its aesthetic considerations because most consumers dislike positioning toilet bowl next to bathtub (relaxation zone). Also the system is suitable for small-size toilet rooms. But the chief advantage of the system is its water-saving solution, because economizing on water is a burning issue of present and future times.